Pastoral Care

The purpose of LOPIM is to instruct and empower pastoral caregivers in the art of care and presence, thus preparing them to competently and compassionately provide pastoral care ministries; and to ultimately graduate such caregivers that are trained to work professionally and academically with pastors, churches and as resources within the community.

…Bring good tidings to the afflicted

…Build up the broken-hearted

…Proclaim liberty to captives and the opening up of prison to those who are bound

…Isaiah 61:1

Our Goals

The immediate purpose of our course is three-fold and directly affects the fulfillment of the mission of LOPIM:  

  1. To teach the use of basic listening skills in such a way that allows student-pastors to ‘hear’ the feelings of others with all of their senses.
  2. To encourage and facilitate within each student a clearer understanding of their identity as pastoral caregivers, and how life experiences and significant relationships enriches their emotional and spiritual identity as such.
  3. To create an environment whereas the skills taught in the course are demonstrated: within the classroom, in outside relationships and congregational settings, and in hospital settings.