Family   Small family groups, whether headed by a single mother or father, can often consist of strong leaders.   This is especially true if they maintain a Christian foundation.  Such groups exists to give Bible-based strength, direction and encou... read more

Our Small Groups

Welcome to Our Small Groups   The reason for small groups? Jesus demonstrated small group life with His twelve disciples.   That is our best model for how He carried out His earthly ministry, and the necessity of  the same.   Jesus choose to keep... read more


 Men   Men have many reasons for joining small groups.  Some want to mature in Christ.  Others find that living the Christian life alone, can be very difficult. From time to time, men join small groups because they are facing struggles from within... read more


Marriage   Marriage is an integral part of God’s plan for His family.  As we see in the book of Genesis, God created man and called him, Adam.  God also saw that it was not good for him to be alone.  So, He took bone of his flesh and created... read more