Prison Ministry

According to National Employment Law Project estimates, nearly 3.9 million adults in Illinois have a criminal record, which excludes them from jobs and employment.  That number rises significantly when you consider the United States as a whole.

Experts say a vast majority of the incarcerated are charged with offenses such as: drug possession–or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver (a controlled substance), theft, forgery, retail theft, deceptive practices or possession of burglary tools.  But how is this possible in a wealthy country that claims to be founded upon biblical principles?  Is this country against some of its citizens? Why hasn’t its political leaders created opportunities that prevent its most needy from resorting to crime?   

LOPIM’s Prison Ministry of dedicated staff:

  • Realizes that God-given dominion applies equally to  all them that choose to walk in it 
  • Approach assisting the former and presently incarcerated in a non-judgmental and caring manner  
  • Understands that God (and not man) is ‘King’ over the circumstances and situations of our life–and He can change things
  • Empowers people to live by Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding
  • Assists with food, clothing, shelter and employment