Marriage is an integral part of God’s plan for His family.  As we see in the book of Genesis, God created man and called him, Adam.  God also saw that it was not good for him to be alone.  So, He took bone of his flesh and created woman—-Eve.   From that union the two became husband and wife and a family was created.

At LOPIM our marriage small group is ordained by God.  We ‘give back’ by showing the community (and world at large) that marriage is the very foundation upon which God built His church.  This is also our way of placing the home back in it’s original biblical state. 

LOPIM’s strong Christian families gather twice a month, sharing and relating in Christ.  We enjoy family outings, prayer meetings, and community outreach.   As a result, our married couples program promotes a lifestyle of healthy living.

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When We Are Made As One

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