Men have many reasons for joining small groups.  Some want to mature in Christ.  Others find that living the Christian life alone, can be very difficult. From time to time, men join small groups because they are facing struggles from within or without.  Irrespective of the reasoning, however, it is important that men become part of the group if they want to grow spiritually.  Ideas for small group participation include: spiritual camping, softball games and etc., and ministering unto other members of Gods’ extended family, at various events.

In small groups, men can experience true fellowship.  They are able to share their joys, failures, frustrations, and pain.   Yet, they are also challenged and held accountable in becoming maturing disciples of Christ.  The Holy Spirit is active in the lives of men involved in small groups, providing powerful and important direction, as men enter into a more intimate relationship with God—and with one another. 

If you are interested in joining one of our small groups, give us a call at LOPI Ministries to secure membership according to your schedule.  We are also looking for good men with Christian values, to serve as mentors for our youth.  For they, too, must become strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might!

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