The reason for small groups: Jesus modeled small group’s life with twelve disciples, the relational level with which Jesus carried out His early ministry is our best model for small groups. He chooses to keep His inner circle small. We see in this scripture a wonderful description of a small group in its simplest form. They did life together.

“Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach” Mark: 314

What is a small group leader?

The role of the small group leader is one of serving and encouraging women in the group to know Jesus Christ and make Him known. She looks out for the interests of others because she is a servant leader who cares for each one individually. A small group leader is not dominant but encourages and strives for participation from all members. The goal is to enable them to deepen their faith and commitment to passionately pursue Jesus Christ. She is there to help them walk with Christ and grow in their personal study of God’s Word. If she seeks to be an instructor, the women will be forever dependent on her. To see them become independently dependent upon their Lord is the objective!

As you sense God is leading you to step out in a leadership role, know that you can trust Him to equip and enable you to accomplish the task. HE IS ABLE!