New Here: Homeless Shelter

Traditionally, fathers have been the breadwinners of the family. However today, many factors can contribute to fathers being outside of the home. Such factors include divorce, separation, joblessness and/or incarceration. When such a breakdown of the family occurs, all or most of the responsibility then falls upon the mother.

But what happens when a single mother becomes incapacitated in some way–and has no other relatives or willing friends to step in and care for her children? While younger children may become wards of the state, older teens may eventually find themselves homeless . . .

Distressed adults, struggling to meet their basic survival needs, may  turn to community resources for help.  But youths may not readily know to do so.

LOPIM understands that there is an increasing need to protect children in the community.  We strives to make an impact by providing, among other things,  shelter to homeless youth.